Monday, February 12, 2007

Random Pics!

Music, Band, Fingering, Plucking, Bolophonics!!!!


Like a second marriage or mistress.

The good news, the band that I left and then rejoined will be playing March 2nd at the Velvet Lounge. Not the ideal location, its so freaking dirty!!!!

So on my hiatus from the band, the remaining members recorded enough material to release an EP. Since I did not participate in the recording I have resigned to just being the bass player. Which is fine with me, the first time around I got tired giving my opinion and being told in a passive aggressive way that my idea of what makes good music was wrong. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bass player is the loneliest of all band members, not as cool or as big of a glory hound as the front man or inclined as the drummer. We bass players just pluck and finger rhythmically. Pluck and finger, finger and pluck. Oh life is difficult!!!!

Maybe its this loneliness that leads to the bass player acting out!!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????????

So anyway, we will be playing with J Forte and his secret pop band

Anyway come out March 2nd to see the band that i am playing with again .